Future Food Americas Inc

Future Food Americas Inc. (FFAM), is fully controlled by Future Food Srl Società Benefit and is doing business as Future Food (also FF). Its Board is composed by 3 members, Chiara Cecchini, Sara Roversi and Andrea Magelli. 


From the very early days of this Ecosystem, Future Food acted with the awareness of being responsible for ourselves, for those around us and future generations. Believing that business should not aspire to create only an economic advantage, our for-profit companies combine the goal of profit with the aim of creating a positive impact on society and the environment. In 2020 Future Food Americas, Inc. obtained the Pending Certified B Corporation status and is on the path to B Corp Certification and the strong focus on environmental and social standards required by the B Corp Certification allowed us to review our company regulations and policies trying to be a regenerative force for society and the planet. Here there are some of the main objectives that Future Food Americas pursues: 


At Future Food, indeed, we believe that the way we do business is no less important than the results we achieve: in no case shall the fulfilment of company objectives overrides legal or ethical standards. For this reason, as formally stated in our Supplier Code of Conduct, all our counterparts can always expect from us:

  • maximum respect to people, nature and environment;
  • commitment to always perform to the best of our knowledge;
  • openness to learn, to listen and to cooperate;
  • moral rectitude and integrity;
  • transparency and impartiality.

Of course the values we believe in can be fully respected only if they are shared with all our

partners and stakeholders and fostered in our daily activities, so please if you are one of our suppliers refer to our Supplier Code of Conduct and let us know if you are not able to fulfill these requirements.